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Earn extra revenue by selling unsold food on munch!

Are you a food merchant looking for a sustainable way to reduce waste, maximize your profits and reach new customers?


Why should you join Munch?

+2 million saved packages and counting

Reach ~10 new customers a day

Earn millions HUF income per year from your surplus

Start earning income from your surplus within 2 days

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Drive new, loyal customers to your store and earn extra revenue from your unsold food!

#who can join

Who can join? Short answer: all food establishments!

Who can join?
Short answer: all food establishments!


Get rid of your near expiry produce or goods within a few hours!

Frequently asked questions

We hope you find the answer here! If not, feel free to contact us!

What does a Munch package consist of? What should I wrap my packages in?

All edible surplus food can be used to create a Munch package. You can wrap products in anything that you see fit.

Upload your quantity of unsold surplus food in the app. Wrap your packages. The content of each package is a surprise for customers. The app will notify you of incoming orders. Customers will come to your store to collect their packages. Track how many you sell in the app and get paid. It’s easy with no extra work required!

We don’t deliver packages. Customers need to come to your store in person to pick up. They will pay in advance in the app and receive an order number. You will be paid by us and not directly from customers.

There is no minimum. All saved packages count! No matter the amount of food you save, you’re contributing to a more sustainable future.

After you fill out the form above, you will be contacted by a dedicated representative. They will help get you started, so you can begin selling surplus food within 2 days.

We’re super flexible. You can pause your partnership with us at any time. There is no need to cancel. Simply don’t upload available packages when you don’t have surplus. There is no associated fee if you don’t sell packages with us for a while.

What happens if my store is temporarily closed?

Only use our app when you see a need. If you don’t have surplus food or are temporarily closed, simply update the app.

Our partners offer a 50-70% discount on average.

No, only upload when you have surplus food. There is no minimum you need to reach in sold package numbers.

Yes, you can adjust prices via the partner dashboard.

This depends by country.

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